Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

What is the meaning of SDN BHD Malaysia Company? The SDN BHD Malaysia Company is also called Sendirian Berhad (Sdn. Bhd.) by the locals of Malaysia. It is commonly known as The Private Limited Company to the world of foreign investors and other sole business owners. It is said to be one of the prime and common form of Limited Liability Companies in Malaysia. These “Sdn Bhd” Malaysia Company are countered as a legal entity whose liability is limited by shares of the company.

Important of SDN BHD Malaysia Company

Requirements to setup Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

Steps to register Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

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How Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company is incorporated?

The company incorporation Malaysia for all types of companies is obtained through licensed company secretary. All companies are registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is the only sole authorized corporate organization conducted by the Malaysian Government who deals with company registration and business regulatory affairs for all types of business entities based in Malaysia. Hence to register SDN BHD Company or Private limited Company one has to go through terms and steps assigned by the SSM. Usually to Register Sdn Bhd Company or any other business entity, each has to go two main steps to get approval and registered by the SSM.

1st step of company incorporation

Name Application: This step is all about the availability and registration of the company name proposed by the investors. Company owners are asked to check the availability of the company’s name they proposed. To check the availability of the proposed name one can, use a specific form called Form 13A that can be collected and submitted to SSM. A flat fee of RM30.00 that is only valid for one proposed name is encountered for the availability and approved for registration. It usually takes about 3 days.

2nd step of company incorporation

Company Registration: This step is all about incorporating the Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company and giving it the right to do business in Malaysia. When the proposed name is approved for registration by SSM the company owners demand for another Form for business registration from SSM and fill it up with all necessary details as demanded in the form. They must compile the business registration form with all other necessary documents and submit to SSM. Submission of all documents along with the registration form must be done within 3 months from the date of approval for the proposed company name.

Documents of Registering Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

Following documents should be provided to SSM:

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Requirements after Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

Cost of Sdn Bhd Malaysia company registration

Requirements to look into for Sdn bhd Malaysia Company when hiring staff members:

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