Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Launching a business in a foreign land can indeed feel like diving into deep waters, surrounded by uncertainty. Especially without a company location, you can’t do company registration. The thought is daunting, isn't it? 

But here's the secret to making it less intimidating, especially when establishing your brand in Malaysia, consider starting with a Virtual Office. It's a cost-effective and trending choice among foreign investors.

The Services SFM Consulting Offer

  • Get access of professional business address
  • Collect and manage your mail packages
  • Virtual Receptionists for call answering and forwarding
  • Get fully equipped meeting spaces
  • Access of administrative service
  • Assist you on company formation

Why Choose SFM Consulting for Virtual Office? 

  • Help maintain your professional image 
  • Expand your global reach
  • Cut down on overhead costs like leases, utilities, and equipment
  • Get affordable packages 

As you know, virtual offices are scalable because they have the potential to manage professional presence and other operations efficiently. SFM Consulting Firm invites you to explore our services at incredibly competitive rates, offering a range of packages designed to supercharge your success!


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