Income Tax

Income Tax

Taxation is challenging to comprehend, especially for foreign interests establishing their brand overseas. You need to follow several tax obligations, laws, and even know about the tax rates. But as a foreign investor, you plunge in-depth confusion about how to tackle this tax barrier. The only rescuer is the local income tax advisor. They have in-depth knowledge about the taxation policy of the Malaysian government.

Income tax is a charge that is applied by the government and  varies from country to country and business to business. Sometimes corporate tax might be 100% free, partially free, or upon condition; that totally depends on government policy. 

The services SFM Consulting offer

  • Make registration for your business income tax number 
  • Calculate taxable income
  • Accumulate supporting documents for tax file.
  • Provide tax compliance certificate by maintaining the relevant tax law 

When you distinctly submit the accurate tax file and arrange a clearance certificate, that is the tackle you could leap from. No matter how simple it sounds, it is not.
Our team of income tax attorneys, tax consultants, and accountants is ready to provide you with accurate services. You just need to believe in us.


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