Nominee Director Service

Nominee Director Service

In Malaysia, a nominee director is more than just a title; they have serious legal responsibilities under the Companies Act of 2016. They have two main responsibilities: one is to look after the company, and the other is to protect the interests of its shareholders.

If your company has no nominee director, then you face legal trouble that leads to fines or sometimes even jail. Because every country has its own legalities for forming businesses for foreign investors.

The services SFM Consulting offer


  • Appoint a nominee director with the necessary local knowledge and expertise 

  • Maintain corporate records.

  • Professional support and compliance

  • Consider the nominator's interest

  • Attend and participate in board of director meetings  

  • Offer guidance on risk management and compliance

  • Maintain the nominator’s confidentiality

Why Choose SFM Consulting for the nominee director's service?


  • In-depth knowledge of local market, laws and regulations

  • Save foreign investors valuable time 

  • Act as intermediaries to resolve the conflict, if any disputes or issues arise.

  • Offer comprehensive support


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