How to be a permanent resident of Malaysia?

Malaysia is a nation in Southeast Asia with a population that barely goes above 31.50 million people. Ratio wise this doesn’t make the country too much densely populated. This made an opportunity for many expatriates to plan their permanent home in Malaysia. To be a permanent resident of Malaysia is therefore very much possible.

However, it is not very easy for an individual to come from some other nation and simply become a permanent citizen of Malaysia. There are several ways rules and procedures to be a permanent resident of Malaysia. The ways are simple when you know the process well.

If you are one of the individuals planning to set their foot in Malaysia for a permanent basis, this article is just for you. Here we have arranges all possible ways for Malaysian permanent resident processes. Reading this article till the end and following the procedures accordingly will surely keep you one step ahead of setting up your permanent residency in Malaysia.

Things you must know about Permanent Resident in Malaysia

If you want to get a permanent residency in Malaysia, you must know a few important facts first. Below are the useful facts you should be aware about:

  • To be a permanent resident of Malaysia, you must be an expatriate in this nation for at least five consecutive years. Suppose you are unable to stay in Malaysia for any purpose, but your spouse is here behalf of you, that can also be counted in your favor during your PR application process.
  • This prolongs stay period in Malaysia can only be granted through using Employment Pass (EP) in Malaysia or if the spouse of the applicant is already a citizen of Malaysia. He/ She can also stay this long if the applicant is going through the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) program.
  • Long term stay for above mentioned methods can be granted but for that, the applicant has to use the long term Social Visit Pass.
  • The application process for the Permanent residency of an applicant varies from one state to another in Malaysia, so don’t expect the same rules and requirements throughout all states in Malaysia.
  • You have to have a sponsor who is also a citizen of Malaysia in order to be a valid PR applicant.
  • You can take consultations from reliable professionals in this particular field and can take useful steps for your permanent resident processing in Malaysia.

Eligibility to apply for a Permanent Residency in Malaysia

In order to be granted as a permanent citizen of Malaysia, you need to fall under certain criteria and eligibility. Here in this segment we will put our focus on every possible legal criterion under which an applicant can get his/her PR in Malaysia. We will learn about each process and eligibility one must have to proceed for each of these criteria.

Eligibility through the point system

  • This is a process for any common expatriate where and individual has to go through a point system in Malaysia.
  • This process is lengthy but this is the only valid process when you don’t have strong financial backup, high defined job profile or Malaysian spouse as your alternative option.
  • This process demands the applicant to have at least 65 points out of 120 to be eligible for the PR application.
  • These points are granted on the basis of several aspects; for instance, age, academic qualification, professional qualification, language proficiency of the applicant etc.
  • Along with the points, a candidate also needs to come up with certificate of good conduct from native country, and a Malaysian sponsor.

Individual with strong financial status

  • To be eligible under this criterion, you must be a High Net worth Individual (HNWI); which means you must have a strong financial statement ready for this PR process only.
  • For this process, individual have to open a fixed deposit account at any bank located in Malaysia.
  • Following that step, the interested applicant has to deposit a good amount of money to that account.
  • This money has to be in this account for the next five years undisturbed until the depositor wishes to withdraw that amount.
  • Once they succeeded to keep that amount in the bank, then the individual is allowed to bring their spouse. He/ she can also bring the child with age below 18 years. The child will be referred to as the dependant.
  • Once both spouses and children have arrived, they can be able to apply for their own permanent resident status after they have lived in Malaysia for the next five years.

Eligibility under Professional profile

  • To be a permanent resident of Malaysia, one can also depend on his/ her high profile professional career.
  • The applicant should either be a high ranked government official or must possess a good position in a well reputed private organization.
  • The individual must have the record to work on that particular organization for past three consecutive years at least.
  • He/she must have a good reputation and work record in the organization.
  • The employer of the organization needs to apply for the PR status on the behalf of the applicant.
  • As a part of the permanent resident application requirements, the applicant needs to come up with a certificate of good conduct from his/ her native country. The applicant also needs to collect a recommendation letter from the workplace he/ she had been working with.

Malaysian citizen as a spouse

  • This is by far the easiest procedure amid you are married to an individual who is already a citizen of Malaysia.
  • When you are under this category, you don’t have to do much other than living in this country for the next 10 consecutive years.
  • Once as an expectant, you have crossed that 10 years barrier you are qualified for the PR status.
  • After that, all you have to do is just get a Malaysian resident to sponsor your permanent resident application. 

Malaysia My second home (MM2H) program

  • This is an enticing program introduced by the government of Malaysia for the potential individual who wants to be a permanent resident of Malaysia.
  • For this program, one has to have a good financial backbone to live and prosper in this nation.
  • The program is classified according to the applicant’s age range. The net income of and eligibility has been arranged based on the applicant’s age.
  • A fixed deposit account has to be opened and the deposit amount is in range of RM 300000 to RM 150000 based on the age category the applicant falls in.
  • However, this money can be withdrawn for personal usage such as buying assets, medical insurance, children’s education expenses etc.
  • The net worth of the applicant needs to be maintained as a recommended amount and the amount must be continued from the second year onwards throughout the applicant’s stay period in Malaysia.

FAQ on permanent resident Malaysia

What are the legal ways of permanent residency in Malaysia?

Following are the authorized gateways of getting the permanent residency in Malaysia:

  • Eligibility through the point system
  • Professional entrance
  • Malaysian citizenship as spouse
  • Malaysia My second home (MM2H) program
  • Residency program for High Net worth Individual (HNWI)

Which one is the easiest way to get the PR in Malaysia?

Many may consider having a Malaysian spouse is the easiest gateway to the Malaysian PR. However, the fact is residency for High Net worth Individual (HNWI) is much higher and smoother than other valid existing options.

What is the process of getting the Malaysian PR in 2020?

If you are planning to get the PR in Malaysia, you must follow the steps below:

  • You need to be an expat who is residing in Malaysia for past 5 consecutive years.
  • The candidate must be in Malaysia under long term visa such as EP or employment pass or ESD or MM2H program etc.
  • In case if your spouse is a citizen of Malaysia, you need to reside in Malaysia for 5 to 10 consecutive years and after that you need to get an sponsor to approve your PR application.
  • You can also apply for the PR through the point system, where you need you come up with character certificate and certificate of good conduct as well as have to get at least 65 point out of 120 to be approved for the PR process. 

How long a foreign expat can reside in Malaysia?

As a foreign expat you will be granted with a social visit entry pass. This visa is valid up to 90 days which is enough for casual visit, such as tourism, or business. However, it can be extended up to two more months upon the permission of Immigrations department of Malaysia.

Can a permanent resident buy property in Malaysia?

Yes, they can buy real estate properties in Malaysia. A law has been set on 1st may 2014 which clearly approved a foreigner to purchase properties. However, there is a minimum price cap for the purchase, which has to be maintained by a foreigner to be a property owner in this nation.

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