Malaysia my second home

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Malaysia my second home

Malaysian government has given opportunity from any place of the world to stay in Malaysia with long term social visa for 10 years and with extension by automatically. Applicants have some terms and conditions as follows to apply for Malaysia my second home program (MM2H) :

Description Age below 50 years Age 50 year oil and above
ü  Cash balance prove in foreign bank ü  Equivalent of RM ½ million ü  Equivalent of RM 350000
ü  Proven of monthly foreign income ü  Equivalent of RM Ten Thousand ü  Equivalent of RM Ten Thousand
ü  Another conditions upon approval ü  Open FD account of amounting RM 300,000 in any schedule bank of Malaysia

ü  50% of total amount will be allowed to withdraw after one year

ü  Every time bank balance should maintain of RM 150,000 from second year till living in Malaysia

ü  Open FD account of amounting RM 150,000 in any schedule bank of Malaysia

ü  RM 50,000 of total amount will be allowed to withdraw after one year

Every time bank balance should maintain of RM 100,000 from second year till living in Malaysia

Benefits of Malaysia my second home program

  • Applicant can have ten years multiple visa and any time entry permission when wishes upon terms and conditions of successful applicants of Malaysia my second home program.
  • Successful applicant can allow purchasing property by RM 1 million (1000000).
  • Duty free own vehicle will be allowed to import and/ or purchase new vehicle in Malaysia condition upon approval of Finance Ministry.
  • Successful applicant’s remittance of income is tax free in Malaysia for the successful applicants.
  • His/ her maid servant hiring from own country is allowed.
  • Bringing unmarried child is allowed in Malaysia by the successful applicant.
  • The person who is 50 plus years old is allowed to work maximum twenty (20) hours in week.
  • All applicants require sponsor who is residing of Malaysian and the sponsor have to ensure personal bond of RM two Thousand.

How to apply for second home program?

Application can be submitted directly or by authorized agents to Tourism Department of Malaysia. Necessary information of application is given below:

Letter of application: a form where personal & family detail information should mention.

A copy of resume: Academic back grounds, work experience, skills information shall be written in resume and submit along with mm2h application form.

Additional supporting information/papers are three copies of IM. 12 forms, four (4) copies color photographs, copy of passport,  travel documents, certified copy of birth certificate, certified copy of marriage certificate, 3 months bank statement, 3 months income statement, Financial authorization letter, Letter of good conduct from relevant agency, All copies should certified by notary public/ advocate/ embassy of the origin country

  • Below supports are required for Approved participants:
  • Security bond is mandatory for the approval applicants. Thus security bond must be stamped by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.
  • Security bond is payable in the form of cash or bank draft
  • Security bond fee can be withdrawal if decided to exit from MM2H program


I , …………..Passport No ,…………. Issued by Government of ………………………………agree that:

  1. Given information by me is correct and true;
  2. That I hereby authorize as Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), under the Ministry of (Tourism and Culture) Malaysia to verify my economic records with as appendix 12 and 13;
  3. Any information is false given by me shall be treated as cancelled.

End of the application there are two witnesses who will put sign and date.

  • Every applicant shall pass successfully by medical report is another condition.
  • An authorization letter shall be verified in favor of Job and Salary.

GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA, Immigration Ordinance, 1959 (F.P.M. 12 of 1969) Immigration of Malaysia Regulation, 1963 (F.L.W. 228/63) SECURITY BOND

Security Bond/ Bank Guarantee have to ensure as Immigration Ordinance 1959 of Malaysia. Bond security is application as below countries:

RM 2000: USA, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Angola, Cameron, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria , Liberia

RM 1000: Hong Kong, Japan, Korea

RM 750: Bangladesh, India Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

RM200: Singapore, RM300: Thailand, RM500: Indonesia

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