Top reasons to make a business investment in Malaysia

As a foreign investor when you are planning to make a business investment in Malaysia, it is obvious that you would look for perfect reasons to confirm your decision. In the present corporate world, investors seem to have a keen interest on Malaysia for starting businesses. There are several reasons why corporate people choose this nation for doing business.

We asked few business owners regarding their reason of selecting Malaysia to initiate their business. Now we will share those useful opinions and several other logical points that will give you a clear idea of why Malaysia should be your next business destination.

Here in this article, we will highlight the top reasons why investment in Malaysia is ultimately a wise choice. Along with listing out top factors that makes this country an ideal choice for company setup, each factor will be briefly explained so that you get a better view of why foreign investors find this nation very convenient for business investments.

Top reasons to invest in Malaysia

Easy business formation process

The company registration process in Malaysia is much convenient and easy when compared with other neighboring countries. Even the time takes to complete the whole company registration process is pretty low, approximately 5 to 7 days. The e- forms service and fast authority responds during the process keeps the registration task convenient and time saving. 

English is widely spoken and understood

A fabulous advantage for foreign investors is that, English is widely used to carry out conversation or official correspondence. Most of the people are educated enough to understand this internationally recognized language. Therefore, you don’t need to have a grip on local language or doesn’t require an interpreter while initiating a business in Malaysia.

Well established infrastructure

Once you step into Malaysia, you will be pleased with the nation’s well-established infrastructures. The roads and transport systems are well maintained. The corporate buildings and other social infrastructures are kept at an impressive standard. Such ready established infrastructure is appreciated and preferred by any entrepreneurs and overseas investors. 

Political stability

Although in this field Malaysia always have some tug and war. The government seems to take some of the most fantastic initiations for national interests, in other times some reports of corruption and bureaucracy often led down expected trade expectations. Many might think that this happens due to unstable political conditions.

The fact is that, this is pretty common in many other nations with well established political structure too. However, when evaluated as a whole, the nation offers stable political structure. Malaysia is successfully running democratic government structure from since more than 60 years after the nation have earned its independence.

Once an independent nation, the country have implemented various progressive initiations to improve and strengthen the economy of this land. Many of these initiations took place at political and governmental level. Some of which are still active and running. All these factors give a clear idea that Malaysia maintains a stable political structure. 

Improved social life

Malaysia can offer a better social life to the expats and local entrepreneurs. This particular aspect is important when you consider investing in Malaysia. Things got more acceptable as Malaysia is offering with suitable conditions for living; preferably in field of climatic suitability, world class medical treatments and better facilities to enjoy day to day life. Therefore, this factor can easily be a good reason why invest in Malaysia can take you to the long way of corporate world.

Economic alternative for business investors

Malaysia is by far a much convenient business destination. This is due to its less expensive company registration expenses in compare with other nearby countries such as Singapore. This cheaper alternative doesn’t make the country less superior or limited productive when conducting businesses.

However, economic expense for business setup is definitely a bigger benefit for the corporate investors in Malaysia. For any typical investor economic alternatives are always welcoming. This in summery gives another good reason to a wise investor to make a business investment in Malaysia

Strategic geographical location

Malaysia falls into an optimistic geographical position which promotes better trade and commerce facilities. On top of that the land is full of resources. All these benefits influence investors all around the world and promote better businesses.

The nation also turns out to be a gateway for more than 600 million consumers, which makes it a huge market before many investors. In addition with that the nation has a very long trading bond with China, Japan, Korea, India and several others business oriented nations, which keeps the trend of emerging businesses get going in Malaysia

Impressive government incentives

Malaysia government is always concern about improving national businesses curriculum. Such concern pursues them to come up with various incentive and stimulus packages time to time. The government often seems to be coming up with handsome amount of incentives for various startups and business initiators. The reason is to encourage local as well as foreign investors in Malaysia to come up with successful businesses to ultimately strengthen national economy of this country.  

Better business environment

With better social life, and impressive infrastructure, expect superior business environment once sailed your business in Malaysia. The government takes a greater attention on providing optimized corporate environment.

Starting from hi-tech corporate offices to modernized business policies, you are prone to enjoy every little detail that influences better business in this country. Better business environment therefore makes a strong reason to invest in Malaysia.


Every country in the world has their own set of benefits and drawbacks when it comes of setting a business and or residing for corporate purposes.  Here although we have highlighted top reasons to start a business in Malaysia, there are some drawbacks which might keep you rethink for a while.

But when you are investing in Malaysia or any other country in the world, you will have a set of goodies ready for you along with some disadvantages that might keep you away from those goodies. Any wise investor take full benefits they get from a nation they are doing business on but at the same time learn to live and cope up with existing sets of disadvantages.

Therefore, it is always recommended to analyze these top reasons which answer you why investment in Malaysia can be a great decision for your corporate career. And when being impartial, it is also recommended to first research online for possible drawbacks, equip yourself beforehand to deal with those tensions and then precede further to make your business investment in Malaysia.


What are the benefits of foreign business registration in Malaysia?

The benefits are:

  • Comparatively less corporate tax
  • Business friendly government policies
  • Very good communication and infrastructure
  • Stable political structure
  • Convenient bank services
  • One of the best social life
  • Educated workforce
  • Government incentives

What are the types of business entity in Malaysia?

5 types of business entities are valid in Malaysia, these are:

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Limited Liability company or SDN BHD
  3. Partnership
  4. Limited Liability Partnership
  5. Public limited company or Berhad

What are the languages spoken in Malaysia?

In Malaysia 3 main languages are spoken; these are: Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. You can be introduced with more than 135 languages which are spoken by various tribes in Malaysia. However, english is widely spoken for business purposes throughout Malaysia.

What are the top 5 profitable businesses in Malaysia?

Top 5 profitable businesses in Malaysia are:

  • Food and beverage business
  • Oil and gas mining and manufacturing business
  • E-commerce
  •  Fashion industries
  • Tourism

What are the top 5 biggest companies in Malaysia?

Top 5 biggest companies running in Malaysia are:

  • Petronas Nasional Berhad
  • Maybank
  • Tenaga Nasional
  • Public Bank Berhad
  • CIMB Group Holdings

What is the political structure of Malaysia?

Malaysia runs under the framework of a federal representative democratic constitutional monarchy. The nation follows a stable political structure where Yang di-Pertuan Agong also knows as Supreme Head or the King is the head of the state and the Prime Minister is the head of government in Malaysia.

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