Malaysia Entry Visa Requirements With Documents

In the immigration office the official will place a stamp which is the entry stamp which also called as social visit visa in the authorized stamp. The authorization of passport to stay takes 90 days long. People who travel usually applies in the Malaysian Immigration Department for the extension of up to two months.

Passport process and travel document:

  • Anyone who enters Malaysia should have a valid and legal passport or an internationally accepted travel document which is valid enough to have a journey in Malaysia.
  • If there is anyone who do not have a passport or any other travel document which is noticed by the Malaysian Government then they need to receive the document in lieu from the passport
  • The application for the document in lieu of passport can be created by a Malaysian Representative Office abroad
  • Anyone who has travel documents like Certificate of Identity, Laser Passer, Titre de Voyage, Permanent Residence Certificate should be sure that the passage from the country and their origin is legit
  • The documents produced by the applicant should ne valid for 6 months or more from the entry date

Malaysia entry visa requirements:

  • A visa is in a passport is an endorsement. It is an important travel document of a foreigner showing that they are allowed to travel anywhere in the world if they have a valid passport
  • A foreigner must apply and have a visa if they want to visit Malaysia and it is a must that the applicant should receive the visa by any Malaysian Representative Office from their own country
  • Visa is something which is not a confirmation that the applicant will receive. The visa can either be granted or not granted depending on the bio-data of the applicant
  • Overall the decision is to be finally made by the Immigration Officers at the entry point

Documents required:

  • An applicant should posses a valid return flight ticket
  • They also need to show their financial statement for proof

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  • Every person is eligible is they have a valid visa
  • But if a person is under the charge of Section 8 of the Immigration Act 1959/63, then they will not be allowed to enter the country. though the applicant has a valid passport or any other valid document they will not be applicant to enter Malaysia

Completed travel card:

  • A traveler should have a completed arrival or departure card where at any arrival in the entry point the card is to be given to the gazette entry points and the Malaysian Representative offices abroad or also travel agencies
  • A traveler must show their passport with the completed arrival/departure card to the immigration officer who is on duty and they must be sure that the passport must be endorsed with proper pass before they leave the immigration center

Pass information:

  • The application to enter the country for social or business purpose for all applications must be done after the arrival of the country
  • Every applicant must have a sponsor who will fund them and be responsible for the foreign national presence in the country.

Pass necessity:

  • A pass is something given in the passport which shows that the foreigner has been given permission to stay in the country for a specific period of time
  • Foreigners who wish to enter Malaysia should acquire the pass which is distributed in the point of entry which is near the visa counter. Having pass allows them to stay in the country temporarily.

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How long does it take for a person to receive Malaysian entry visa?

It takes around 90 days to authorize a person’s temporary stay in the country

What is the validity of the entry visa?

Passport validity is six months or beyond after the day of arrival

Is there any age limit for a person to visit Malaysia?

Yes, the traveler should attain a legal age to visit the country alone.


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