Malaysian Business Visa Requirements & Fees

Malaysian visa is one of the easiest visas to receive. In Malaysia, they have also started eVisa which is easy to access and receive visa. If you want to receive a Malaysian visa, then it is recommended to apply for eVisa because the procedures are simple and can easily obtain eVisa. But the option of eVisa is only eligible to some countries such as.

The list of countries which are eligible to receive an eVisa is as follows;

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bhutan
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Montenegro
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Serbia

Apart from these countries no other countries can access to Malaysia’s eVisa. But sooner Malaysia is planning to create access for other countries to use the eVisa.

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Get a Malaysian business visa

It is easy to receive a Business Visa from Malaysia. But if you need to receive a valid visa there are certain things to be followed. The application should be submitted to a travel agency or a visa processing agency which has been authorized by the Consulate General of Malaysia.

Malaysia business visa requirements:

  • You should be clear on the purpose of your visit and should not stay beyond the given date.
  • Always have a valid passport or any other travel document
  • Proof of sufficient funds to be shown including the place of stay and return plane ticket
  • If you need to enter Malaysia then it is required to receive the visa in advance and it should be valid before entering the country
  • In order to enter the country, it is required that there is no illegal records and any health risks

Business purposes can be traveled in single as well as multiple entry visa

  • Single entry visa is required for those who enter Malaysia for one-time short visit such as for attending conferences, meetings, sign agreements and should return to hometown within 30 days.
  • The validity for single entry visa is around 3 months from the date of issuance
  • Multiple entry visa is issued if you want to stay in the country for a long time with the business visa. For every entry a maximum of 30 days stay is allowed in the country but for multiple entry visa the validity is for 1 year and it can be used for any time visit and exit in between.
  • Further duration for both single and multiple entry visa can be further stayed for 30 days and no further
  • There is also an option of transit visa for those of you who want to leave the Malaysian airport premises and enter the country for more than 120 hours and then continue the journey to the next destination.

Documents required for Malaysian business visa:

  • The validity of the passport should at least be for 6 months from the date of travel and there must be two plane pages in the passport for visa stamping. Passports handwritten are rejected.
  • Visa application form dully filled and signed by the applicant in the correct format without any errors and omissions
  • Two color photographs.
  • Proof of funding, place of stay and plane ticket in and out.
  • Proof of country residence.
  • Letter of invitation from the company from the Malaysian company stating that they will be funding and also provide other information such as length of stay, travel purpose and contact information
  • A letter from the company stated in the company letter head mentioning the position in the company and purpose of business visit in Malaysia and also sponsorship from the company.
  • Funding proof such as 3 months bank statement, traveler’s cheque and cash taken to Malaysia.
  • Suppose if the first port is Singapore and then Malaysia, then it is required to also have a valid Singapore visa for submission
  • Any visa fees including business visa fees in Malaysia varies from country to country.

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Malaysian business visa fees according to different country:

Countries Single/Multiple Entry Visa (RM) Transit Visa (RM)
Argentina 20.15 4.10
Bangladesh 20.00 20.00
Bhutan 20.00 20.00
Bolivia 11.00 11.00
Burma 19.50 6.60
Brazil 17.00 17.00
Bulgaria 21.90 11.00
Chile 24.50 24.50
Republic of China 30.00 30.00
Costa Rica 9.00 20.00
Czech & Slovak 19.30 8.20
Denmark 6.00 -
Dominican Republic 12.90 9.65
Ecuador 7.00 0.50
Finland 7.00 -
France 12.90 -
Haiti 16.00 6.00
Hungary 21.45 10.30
India 50.00 50.00
Indonesia 15.00 3.50
Israel 9.70 1.10
Italy 9.50 -
South Korea 30.00 15.00
Liberia 13.00 13.00
Mexico 17.50 17.50
Myanmar 20.00 20.00
Nepal 20.00 20.00
Panama 14.50 14.50
Pakistan 20.00 20.00
Peru 20.00 20.00
Poland 26.20 8.00
Portugal 6.50 6.50
Saudi Arabia 17.20 8.60
Sri Lanka 15.00 15.00
Sudan 12.90 4.30
United States of America 6.00 20.00
Uruguay 13.50 13.50
Venezuela 18.00 18.00
Vietnam 13.00 1.00

The countries which are not in this list will have to pay RM 20.00

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Is it legal to do business while holding Tourist Visa?

No, it is not legal to work or do any business while having a Tourist visa

Is eVisa only for tourism purposes?

As from 2016, the Malaysian eVisa has extended its service for Business visa also

What is SEV?

It means Single Entry Visa which is also known has eVisa

How long is Malaysian business visa valid for?

It is valid for 1 years which can also be further extended for 30days and not more.

What is the duration to receive a Business visa?

It takes 6 business days to receive a business visa.

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