How to start restaurant business in Malaysia

How to start restaurant business in Malaysia

Let discuss how to start restaurant business in Malaysia, how to register a restaurant business in Malaysia, how to get license of restaurant business in Malaysia, how to buy restaurant in Malaysia? Everyday huge number of tourist visit in Malaysia from different countries of the world for enjoying holidays, business purpose, working, meeting and many other reasons. Malaysia is an intense country of Asia considering economy, human behavior, business place, working station and other reasons. However, every visitors wish to make plan to re-visit in Malaysia for roaming, setup a business and/ or working.

Important tools to start restaurant business:

Budget: There is no good business that is startup without single investment. To start restaurant business investors should have budget with other planning. Small or medium investors make plan to start a restaurant business in Malaysia being easier and daily cash dealing business.  New investors do not have idea of investment capital when start restaurant business in Malaysia. Let guess minimum budget of RM 20,000 to RM 40,000 may need to establish a restaurant business. Provided that, budget vary upon business location.

Location: Location is the most important for starting a restaurant business. Many investors start restaurant business but wind up later on due to falling business and one of the main reasons is customer unavailability. Place of restaurant should be near or beside of market, high raises office building, college, university, historical place, tourism place & industrial place.

Staffs: Hiring good staffs are major reason of successful business. Let say, number of staffs can be start from 4 to 10 and multi cultural staffs are valuable for attraction of customers. Customers feel comfort to speak with who knows their native language.

Food Supply:  Fresh meat, fish, green market, oil, wheat and other goods are supplied by other party to the restaurant caring them by own vehicle of the company at early morning.  Drinks, alcohol and other liquid goods are supplied at any time. So, restaurant owners do not have to waste time to purchase them from market. Restaurant owner will keep contact and make good relation with the suppliers.

Food display center:  Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Arabian, Americans, European, Australian, Africans and other regional peoples have different food habit. Multiple cooked foods should display to attract the customers so that they can find their local foods. Some common foods like fishes, meats, noodles, deserts can helpful for the businessmen to attract the customers. All foods should be displayed with clear dishes and clear place.

Cooking space: There is a separate place keep beside or back of restaurant for cooking foods.  Space should be decorated when rent a shop for restaurant.

Furniture:  Different looks attract the customers.Chair, table, cash desk, shop corner, drink corner should be decorated considering customer attraction point of view.

Shop corner: Keeping small shop corner beside of restaurant looks good and customer can buy other foods or goods those are necessary in daily life.  Moreover, chocolate, ice cream, bear, soft drinks can be displayed.

Sign board: Separate license sign board apart from pvt limited company may need to be visible for the customers.

Halal License: Displaying and preserving foods Halal license can be having for restaurant business.

Alcohol license: Keeping alcohol in restaurant shall have to be additional license for it.

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