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New entrepreneurs often come to us to enquire about company Super form, its purpose and from where to get it. So, what is this company super form? If you are one of them confused about this super form, then you have clicked the right link. Because this article is all about Malaysia company Super Form and its usage.

Let’s hop straight into the topic, Company super form is the replacement of its predecessors. Which were multiple manual forms. These group of manual forms were necessary for any budding entrepreneurs who wanted to incorporate his/her business in Malaysia. It was the only rule set by the corporate authority of Malaysia.

Before the Company Super form has been introduced, an entrepreneur needs to face three individual forms. The applicant here has to make draft of these three forms carefully. Then they had to go to their nearest SSM office to submit those forms.

All these procedures were manual and therefore time consuming. To register a company in Malaysia an individual had to fill up and submit Form 6, Form 48A and Memorandum of Association or MoA. These forms needed to be filled up and submitted which were ruled by the Companies Act 1965.   

As the digital era stuck the nation, those manual drafting of paper form got obsolete and got replaced by the electronic form called Company Super form. A single online form that has all the required fields which were otherwise had to be drafted in three individual manual forms. To get access of this Super form, one has to google the MyCOID 2016 portal.

Why Super Form?

The aim of launching the Super Form is to replace the old bothersome form fill-up trends of past for the business incorporation process in Malaysia. The introduction of the super form made incorporation process way more convenient for applicants. Now they don’t have to stand and wait for hours in the que, which was a regular scenario at the SSM outlet counter.

So here is a glance on the list that gives clear idea on why Super form for company incorporation in Malaysia:

  • One single digital form that can be filled up online versus three paper forms which had to be collected form SSM office.
  • Online drafting and submission of super form is a matter of few minutes to an hour, whereas, manual forms needed more time, and applicant had to visit the SSM office for payment and form submissions.
  • Super form turned out to be time and money convenient which otherwise cost more in case of manual form drafting.
  • Instead of tons of paperwork, the super form has only one single interface incorporation template. This is much convenient and easy for an applicant.

Requisitions for filling up the Super Form

Under the governance of the Companies Act 2016, there are certain documents of proof that has to be available to complete the Super Form.  The data of these documents need to be provided to finalize and submit the form. Following are the list of compulsory information an applicant needs to come up with when attempting to fill up the Super form for registering a company in Malaysia:

  • Name of the business that is being proposed
  • Details nature and description of the business
  • Detail information of the owner/ owners
  • Business entity (Private, public, Joint etc.)
  • Proposed registered address of the company or business premises
  • Detail information of the company shareholders and secretary

Where to find the company Super Form?

By now you must be clear about the fact that you are not going to get paper forms to incorporate your company in Malaysia. You need to fill-up the Super Form and submit online to get the registration correspondence get going with the SSM.

So, the question might arise that where to find this Super Form? To get access of the company Super Form Malaysia you need to google for the MyCOID2016 portal first. Register and login first for gaining the access. Once you are into this government portal, you can have access to the Super Form.

Here’s the steps in short:

  • Google search which is a Malaysian government portal
  • Login if you are already a member or signup if you are using this portal for the very first time
  • Sign in and you will get the downloadable Super Form online form for company registration
  • You will also get relevant instructions in the portal once you signed in.

Sections you will see when filling up the Super Form

Similar to other forms, Super form is pretty linear and you are not going to get any complex instructions when filling up for incorporating process of your company. This Super Form has 5 separate sections. You have to attend and fill-up each and every sections of this form. Super form includes following sections in particular:

Section 1: Particulars of Company

Include fields which asks for proposed company credentials, this include all detail of the company such as, proposed trade name, company business type or sub type, Business description, business address etc.

Section 2: Clarification

Here the applicant needs to clarify the trade name, or company name that has been proposed. In case the particular business name is not confirmed or needs more time to finalize, the applicant can leave this section blank.

Section 3: Particular of Directors

This section of the company Super form Malaysia demands detail particulars of company directors and shareholders. Fields here are for company Director/ member/shareholder’s address, phone number, email particulars, social license information etc.

Section 4: Particular of Members

Information of members specially Company secretary. Here fields involved are all demands detail personal information and contact address of the recruited company secretary.

Section 5: Declaration

Declaration Section which basically provide and statement that information given so far in the form is true and genuine and no false information is given. A final data of applicant is also shown for the last time before confirming.

It must be noted that, there are some terms in the Super Form which might get you confused. For instance, business code will be asked in Section 1: Particulars of Company, which basically defines nature of the business. Malaysia corporate body set a distinct code against individual business niche.

You will get the business option as dropdown when selecting your choice of business. Once selected, the code will replace your selection automatically. Following that you have to describe the business nature you chose in the given field of the Company Super Form Malaysia.

It is therefore wise to keep an expert business consultant or advisor who are familiar with this Super form. Keeping them along when filling up the online form keeps you doubt-free and take even lesser time when completing and submitting the online company incorporation form.

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