Company Secretarial Services Fees RM 360 in Malaysia

Company Secretarial Services Company in Malaysia Since 2016. Local and foreign ownership companies have been providing secretary services with responsibilities.

Secretarial fee RM 360 for 12 months and no other charges are claimed during the year. Any fees of SSM are excluded from our package. Call or WhatsApp: +601151177141

company secretarial services inMalaysia
  1. Annual return submission to SSM (RM 150)
  2. Add and remove shareholder from company (free)
  3. Board resolution as many as need by the directors (free)
  4. Increase share capital (free)
  5. Audit report submit to SSM. (free)
  6. AGM meeting (free)

Appoint Corporate Secretary

A company secretary helps in registering a Sdn Bhd company. Although you can register your company online, a company secretary can help in doing all the steps. From choosing the names for your new company to filling up the forms and submitting, your company secretary can aid in completing these tasks for you. The position of corporate secretarial cannot vacant more than 30 days.

Secretary is like bridge between directors & SSM

Company secretary liaison with SSM offices, other government organs, auditor and stock exchange. Secretary meet the requirement if any official letters is issues to the company. Corporate affairs is another job responsibility of a corporate secretary.

Keep update of the documents

Corporate secretaries keep record of all documents in office. For example board meeting resolution, share relating papers, AGM, any changes of the company. COSEC maintain minutes and registered book of the company. Issue letter of share allotment and certificate.

Update SSM

All SDN BHD company must submit annual return to SSM within 12 months. A compound letter is issued by SSM for delaying of return submission. Later, company must pay compensation RM 1000 for late submission.

Company Seal Stump

Every company must have seal and most of the times separately director's seal are used also.

Secretarial fees

There are many types of fees added in secretary services ! We have only one fee RM 360 yearly as no other hidden/ miscellaneous fees are added. Enjoy the service and be tense free.

How much is annual return submission fee

Secretary fee RM 360 for a year and return submission fee RM 400.

How much compound if return is not submitted by time?

Company must pay RM 1000 as compound to fail submission of annual return by 12 months.

Why should appoint company secretary for Sdn Bhd companies?

This is a law of Malaysian government, every SDN BHD company shall have at least one company secretary who is licensed by SSM, qualified member.


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