How to register a company by SSM online

Registering own company in Malaysia is not any hard as you only need to follow very simple steps so as to register that company under SSM. You need to begin by brainstorming any three names which you can give the company then check if those names are available. If it’s Read More

Company in Malaysia

Well, if you are a business owner or a sole investor who is clearly seeking for opportunities to open up his or her own business company in Malaysia then here is an article that might come in handy for you. To start up with your business plans in Malaysia it Read More

Business for sale in Malaysia

Do you know why so many potential entrepreneurs are searching for business for sale in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur? The answers are simple. It is really easy and simple to acquire any Malaysia business and most importantly, the opportunities to flourish are great when you take into account all the macro and Read More

Manufacturing Company in Malaysia

It is unknown to many of us but a fact of reality is that almost every product that we use in our everyday life, i.e. starting from the television, cell phone, car tires, picture frame hanged over the wall to the computer that we are using currently to read this Read More

Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company

What is SDN BHD Malaysia Company? The SDN BHD Malaysia Company is also called Sendirian Berhad (Sdn. Bhd.) by the locals of Malaysia. It is commonly known as The Private Limited Company to the world of foreign investors and other sole business owners. It is said to be one of Read More

Open a business in Malaysia

For a foreigner willing to open a business in Malaysia, you should know that the government encourages and offers special incentives to foreigners to invest in the manufacturing as well as the service sector of the country. The objective of the New Economic Model planned by the Malaysian government is Read More

SDN BHD registration

SDN BHD Malaysia Company:  The SDN BHD registration Malaysia is also called Sendirian Berhad (Sdn. Bhd.) by the local people living in Malaysia. It is well known as The Private Limited Company for the world that is said to be one of the most popular forms of Limited Liability Company Read More

Accounting services Malaysia fees

Our accounting services Malaysia was started from 2012 only for the foreign investment companies. All companies have to submit accounting of loss and profit as law and government rules within 12 months. Preparing of journal, ledger and balance sheet of company upon bank statement and supporting documents is regular practice Read More

How to start a business in Malaysia for foreigners

How to start a business in Malaysia for foreigners if no idea and right information. How to get correct information before setting up a business in Malaysia foreign foreigners , from SSM website or ESD (Immigration department)? Which one is correct that Ringgit 500,000 or 1 million have to show Read More

Company incorporation Malaysia

ADVANTAGES OF COMPANY INCORPORATION MALAYSIA Malaysia was the third largest economy in South East Asia and twenty eighth largest economy within the world. Producing includes a giant influence within the country’s economy. Malaysia is that the world’s largest Moslem banking and money center and one among the world’s largest exporters Read More